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Lozorno is situated at Záhorie, 15 km from Bratislava, close to the northern slopes of the Little Carpathian Mountains. The village and its surroundings offer its visitors many opportunities for tourism, recreation and relaxation.

The surrounding nature is wonderful in any season of the year. The tourists that like hiking and scouring the woods will enjoy their time to the fullest here, as well as those who like relaxing, walking and reposing in the nature. There are many tourist paths in the surroundings.

The golf lovers will certainly appreciate the possibility to play golf offered by our golf course near Lozorno.

In winter you can go skiing to Pezinská Baba, the small skiing resort nearby.


The first settlers used to build their homes along the Little Carpathian Mountains stream called Suchý Potok (Dry Brook) before the year 1348. The first reference to the village dates back to that period. St. Catherine, the patron of the village, guarded Ezelarn or Zorn, and then, since1773, Lozorno. The village was known for its agriculture, weaving industry and most of all the viticulture. The wine used to be sold not only in Skalica but it also had its place of honour at the empress Maria Theresia´s table.

Nowadays the village is growing because of numerous housing projects involving construction of family houses, it is very well kept and maintained, and it belongs to the most beautiful villages of Záhorie. In spite of nearby industrial areas it has kept its local colouring by maintaining the former folk architecture and traditions.

The woods of the Little Carpathians attract hunters and the lake in the upper part of the village is a true paradise for fishermen. In the last few years the quality of boarding and accommodation facilities has increased and it fully satisfies even the most exigent visitors.

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